Gordon's Lawn and Landscape has received a 4.9 rating from Google,  A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and an A rating from Angie's List.

Our Testimonials:

1. From Angie's List

Angie's List Review Member:
Harold J Distler

Dan and his crew are “THE MEN” to use when you want it done right.
I had a drainage problem that was eroding my yard plus trees out of control and dead landscaping.

I called Dan and discussed what I wanted and he assured me they could do it and do it well.  We set up an appointment which he appeared on time and went through what I wanted. Dan listened intently and asked questions to verify what I wanted so that he could deliver what I had in mind.

We discussed several things and he offered suggestions and never once tried to sell me something I did not want or need.  No pressure what so ever to use different materials etc... He did the estimate and I was happy with everything and told him I would have him do the work. He emailed me a formal contract for my approval and I accepted. Dan said it would be 1-1/2 weeks before he could get on the project because of other ones he had ahead of me. 1 week later he called and said they would be here on Monday. Monday morning Dan and his crew show up and we all went over what is planned.

The job  just finished.  WOW and I mean WOW  
They removed 4 trees and ground down the stumps, tore down my existing walls and redesigned and reconstructed as we had discussed. Removed old bushes and scrubs, recountoured the ground the way I wanted put in dirt to level things out.  Put in ew bushes plants and shrubs and installed the rocks.  I wanted rocks instead of mulch and am very pleased with the results.
He then created a Hosta bed under our deck and placed rings around 2 large trees in the back yard.  Contoured around the trees
and then placed rock in the Hosta bed and the tree rings.  Plus hauled off a huge pile of brush.

Through the whole process I worked from home and Dan checked in several time to inform me where they were at in the project and what they were doing etc.  No surprises what so ever.  When we were done we did a final walk around and he wanted to make sure I was happy.

Dan’s crew is top notch.  They are the most polite and courteous and respectful people I have ever met in the homebuilding landscaping industry. They work well with each other and each one knows the project and what has to be done.  Great job guys

My wife was a skeptic of what I had planned but now she is ecstatic with the results.
You cannot go wrong doing business with Dan and his group


Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A
Angie's List Company Rating for Gordon's Lawn and Landscape:  A

2. From Angie's List
Angie's List ReviewMember:
Jerry Dobson

I needed a French Drain installed along my back retaining walll all along with gutter drain work. I contacted Gordon’s and Dan came right out to give me a quote. He said they could start in two weeks. He contacted me to let me know that the utility locators would be arriving and that they were on schedule.

Dan and three workers showed up in the morning. They dug out the drainage area and laid corrugated pipe with gravel. They topped it off with weed guard and very nice smooth river rock held back with a metal edging.  They did fantastic work and even put down new sod (I was not expecting this). They cleaned up their work area and asked if I was satisfied.

I would definitely use Gordon’s again!

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A
Angie's List Company Rating for Gordon's Lawn and Landscape:  A

3. From Google Review (5 Stars)

Randy Spivey
Dan and his crew truly did an outstanding job on our 800+sq ft patio and French drains. The quote was competitive, the workmanship was high quality, the guys were very respectful of us and our property, and we are very satisfied with the work. Dan and his guys are pretty creative too! We highly recommend them!

4. From Google Review (5 Stars)

Taylor Pruitt

Dan and his crew on Thursday finished the drainage work at our house just before the storms came over the weekend.   We got just shy of 3 inches of rain in 24 hours, before that type of rain would have led to a flooded patio and basement.  Basement was dry and patio drained beautifully.   They did great work at a great price.   These are the guys you need and want to take care of your landscaping issues.

5. From Google Review (5 Stars)

Andrew Hannan

Dan and his team just completely renovated  our front, side and back yard landscaping, including the addition of a new patio/fire pit.

Dan and his team were very courteous, hard working, and willing to change direction multiple times in our process.

Their finished product was better than we could have ever imagined and I highly recommended working with Gordon's Lawn or Landscape for any size project, big or small,

For reference, our project included:
- new drainage
- retaining wall
- new stone landscaping
- patio/firepit construction
- new plants

A+ for all areas, including pricing.

6. From Google Review (5 Stars)

Rick Shull

Dan and his team did a fantastic job building several retaining walls for us as well as mulching and removing old landscape.  Very competitive pricing, outstanding craftmanship and treated our property as if it were his own.  I would highly recommend Gordon's Landscaping to anyone.

7. From Google Review (5 Stars)

Ganesh Siruvalure

Installed Windsor block retaining wall. He did a nice job. Very satisfied.

From Google Review (5 Stars)

8. Kim Mann
Dan and his team are simply amazing to work with. Although are project wasn't a large landscaping project they still went above and beyond. We had them aerate and verticut our yard this fall before seeding to help fix a few problem areas and it helped tremendously! We already had new grass coming in beautifully in all the problem areas before the first snow. I highly recommend them for any project large or small. I cannot wait to see how our yard looks in the spring, and we will be hiring them again come spring time.

9. From Google Review (5 Stars)

Dan Ropar

Dan and his team have been great to work with. I have used for my Mulch, French drain and sump pump extension.  3 different jobs and each was done on time, and as promised for the price quoted.  Highly Recommend.

Written Testimonials

10. Testimonial

Gordon’s Lawn and Landscape does great work and does it in a timely manner which is more than I can say for their competitors.   

John Gartin

Loch Lloyd

Homeowners Association

11. Testimonial

Gordon's Lawn and Landscape solved my drainage problems at my home, my daughter’s home and my duplex. I am so impressed with Gordon's Lawn and Landscape I go out of my way to recommended them to my friends and neighbors.

Chris Davis

Overland Park, KS

12. Testimonial

Dan and the rest of Gordon's did an amazing job on my Retaining wall!

Lora Ewbank                                        

Olathe, KS

13. Testimonial

You would be Lucky to have Gordon's Lawn and Landscape handle the needs of your property.

Gia Sicola

Trinity Property Consultants

14. Testimonial

Gordon's Lawn and Landscape did an excellent job on my retaining wall and fixed my drainage problems. I won't use anyone but Gordon's for all my landscaping needs.

Vicki Bound

Shawnee, KS

15. Testimonials

I would like to encourage you to allow Gordon's Lawn and Landscape to be your Service provider. Dan and his staff will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.


Nathan R. Cordell Gardner, Kansas